This short article is strictly for grown-ups because the consequences of having teenagers read it can be grave. Before you contemplate marriage, below are some vital things that must be in place

  1. You must have grown to an age that you can think and plan independently.
  2. You must be able to make decisions and own up to your mistakes.
  3. You must be emotionally mature and also need to be able to guide, lead, comfort and help a woman.
  4. Mature people almost always make mature marriages.
  5. Besides you need some social and material preparation. For instance, you need your own accommodation, bed and other household items.
  6. Over and above all, there should be a steady supply of money that would keep the prospective family going.

The viability of marriage is usually an indication of the stability and maturity of married partners. Who are decided on building a prospective family.

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