Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find? …

The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.”

It’s one thing so glorious to find a faithful man as husband, but it depends on your graciousness to keep such faithful man as your husband till death do you part.

A Faithful Husband is:

1. Fatherly with Patience
2. Active in his Profession
3. Inspired by the Paraclete
4. Truthful despite Pressures
5. Hardworking and Profiting
6. Fervent in Prayers
7. Uncompromising in Purity
8. Living and Loving for Paradise.

Hey Lady!

When God gives you this goodly treasure,

  1. Submit to him in all things (as far it’s not immoral),
  2. Show him affection,
  3. Speak with him always and gently,
  4. Stir up his love for God and for you,
  5. Shout/Scream not at him,
  6. Set the table before him,
  7. Shower encomiums on him,
  8. Stare lovingly at him (admire him),
  9. Sing for him,
  10. Support him (his goals, plans and ambition),
  11. Succour him when he’s sick,
  12. Strengthen him with prayers and wise counsels when he’s weak, wearied or fearful,
  13. Spite him not,
  14. See eye to eye (no cold war).


  1. Sit close to him during outings (religious or social gatherings etc),
  2. Share room/things with him,
  3. Stroke his beards (it sounds funny but it’s romantic).


  1. Scare not his people (parents, siblings and relations) away,
  2. Serve him and Serve God with him,
  3. Sow with him (physically and spiritually),
  4. Search the Scriptures with him,
  5. Satisfy his approved cravings (don’t deny him his conjugal right in the name of pursuing dreams and goals or other useless reasons),
  6. Solve problems together,
  7. Seek for peace, his welfare and what will make him happy,
  8. Stand with him in all kinds of weather,
  9. Spot out his wrongs to him meekly,
  10. Say sweet sweet things to and of him and of his relatives,
  11. Silence all his gainsayers especially the devil,
  12. Supplicate to God on his behalf,
  13. Secure (protect) the home,

and finally,

  1. Stay with him till death do you part.

God grant you a faithful husband and give you the grace to keep him as yours till death do you part.

Courtesy: Marriage Paranoma from the Master’s Penman✍
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