Every child is full of their selves. It is the responsibility of the mother and family to reform the child. Untold sorrow and grief always weigh down the heart of mothers who neglect their children to themselves. Some mistakes mothers make are

  1. When she satisfies every want of the child from infancy.
  2. When she avoids correcting the child from picking up bad words from friends or neighbors.
  3. When she protects the child from the father and teachers who may want to discipline the child sometimes.
  4. When she takes all decisions for the child so he/she won’t make mistakes.
  5. When she blames others for the child’s misdemeanor and always bailing him out of trouble and never let him suffer the consequences of his own mischief.
  6. When she criticizes his father or sibling outwardly so the child will have no respect for his/her older ones.
  7. When she indulges the child with food.
  8. When she gives the child too much for weekly allowance and excuses the child from gainful employment to earning money, this gives the child a false impression that he doesn’t need to work for a living.
  9. When she picks up everything the child drops carelessly around the house and never allow the child to shoulder responsibilities or bother the child with household chores.
  10. When she disallows the child from getting involved with other children in outdoor games so that he does not hurt himself.
  11. When she allows the child express him/herself the way he/she chooses to his/her older ones or neighbors.
  12. When she always adores the child looks and not the child’s character.
  13. When she becomes critical, snobbish, domineering and harsh with everybody around, she indirectly teaches the child.
  14. When she always gives in whenever the child throws a temper tantrum and becomes angry. This gives the child room to rule you by his temper, control and get what he wants by his cries.
  15. When she believes his lies and never bother to find out the truth on her own.
  16. When she fails to enforce household rules. Be sure that when the child grows up he/she will break the laws of the society without fear of consequences.
  17. When she always spares the rod and fail to discipline the child when he/she errs.

These are ways mothers fail unknowingly in child training and often result in grave consequences. Most times, mothers who leave their children to themselves often lose them.

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