“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it” 

The above quote, lifted from the Holy Books (the Bible), enjoins us to have deliberate plan on training our children. Do you have any written plans for their training? Do you have written prayer points to be presented to God on their behalf? If no, it is not too late. You may start with the following steps and follow through.

  • Maintain a family altar involving everyone in the family.
  • Instill high moral principles in your home.
  • Provide profitable learning materials.
  • Introduce family discussion, family outings etc.
  • Remove all objects or sources of temptation from them.
  • Show them perfect love always.
  • Focus on the good aspect of their lives;
  • Be a source of encouragement to them.
  • Have a question-and-answer rapport with them.
  • Allow them to express their mind.
  • Give them sound education;
  • Visit their schools to ascertain how they do and how they fare.
  • Provide for their needs (social, emotional, academical, etc…)
  • Protect them from dangers.
  • Pray ceaselessly for them.

The greatest of all training is to prepare them for eternal life. This should be number one on every parent’s agenda.


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