Good health is a state of complete physical, social and mental well-being. It’s also the desire of many parents to see their children in good health all the days of their lives. Unfortunately, this has not been the case for many women. A good number of womenfolk suffer from a wide range of ill-health emanating from unhygienic lifestyles/habits and negative mental attitudes and also dispositions. Medically, it been proved that many of the illnesses people suffer, and how long they suffer a particular sickness, are closely linked to wrong negative attitudes of the mind. Such diseases or sicknesses which thrive on negative mental attitudes, medical experts term as psychosomatic diseases. Psychosomatic diseases are silent killers because they destroy subtly and imperceptibly. There are other silent killers, such as HIV and cancers as we shall consider in this article. Every woman should particularly beware of these silent killers because her peculiar nature makes her very vulnerable to them. Below are silent killers we ignore unnoticeable.


Worry and Anxiety: in response to environmental and social demands, women tend to worry a lot about many things like what to eat, where to live, how to take care of the children (unborn ones inclusive), how to settle bills, getting along with husbands and in-laws etc. this increases tension and may lead to Hypertension.


Inadequate plan and balance: this often leads to stress and confusion. Plan your work and avoid ‘biting more than you can chew’ in a day.


Lack of rest and over-activity: getting enough rest is imperative to living a healthy lifestyle and when you do not relax and get enough sleep you are putting yourself at the risk of illnesses as well as other dangerous side effects. When you don’t get enough rest you will have difficulty concentrating, thinking clearly, and even remembering things. You might not notice this at first or blame it on your busy schedule, but the more sleep and rest you miss, the more serious these symptoms will become.


Anger and rage: these trigger excessive production of certain hormones in the body which may result in stroke, heart attack, or paralysis. According to new research findings, all of the negative energy exerted in moments of anger isn’t just a waste of time or a minor nuisance; it can lead to serious health complications that shorten lifespan and interfere with quality of life.


Bitterness and unforgiving attitude: so much is laid upon the woman; she as a wife, mother, and secular worker, saddled with so many responsibilities. When these are not properly planned and balanced they become stressful and make the woman to be nervous. Thus resulting to peptic ulcer.


Self-pity and depression: depression involves sadness, pessimism, a preoccupation with personal problems, and feeling sorry for oneself. It could also be accompanied by fatigue, excessive seeping, insomnia anguish, crying, and hopelessness. Other possible symptoms include poor appetite, heavy eating, weight loss or gain, feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness, anxiety, regrets, decreased productivity, poor concentration or recurrent thoughts of death /suicide.


Bad feeding habits: skipping meals, overeating, eating at irregular times, eating the wrong types of food and unbalanced diet can predispose the woman to excessive weight gain (obesity), and diabetes mellitus. Women, by their privileged position in preparing meals at home, tend to eat in-between meals. This contributes greatly to their weight gain.


Smoking (cigarettes, cigar pipes): this predisposes an individual to heart attacks and cancer, especially of the lungs. Then death eventually.


Abuse of Hard drugs (cocaine, heroin, marijuana etc.): this could lead to eventually serious mental problems.


Poor personal and environmental hygiene: a woman unable to maintain a good personal and environmental hygiene will expose herself and members of her household, neighbours to numerous health hazards.


Lack of exercise: having lack of exercise to the body causes lots of physical and psychological setbacks. It increases one’s chances of developing heart disease and increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.


Lack of regular medical check-up: many people don’t pay much attention to health-related issues, ideas and discussions. This set of people leave everything, including their health to fate. They believe they can’t do much to improve their health and this makes them flout health rules and shun helpful ideas about their health. This is a very dangerous attitude.

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