Since children are God’s gift, we must handle them with care and train them up to become what the Lord desires them to be. If we fail to do this, we risk divine judgment. Yet child-training has some pitfalls. We should learn about these pitfalls and avoid them.

  • Parents’ bad example – stealing , fighting, lying, gossiping etc.
  • Parents’ hypocrisy – doing the opposite of what we say.
  • Unchecked excesses – giving children anything requested whether helpful or harmful.
  • Parents’ busy schedules – not giving children enough time and attention.
  • Parents’ disagreement with each other on how to control, correct and counsel the child.
  • Bad companionship of parents and children. The friends they keep may influence our concept and principals of child-training. The friends our children keep may influence them to resent and resist our efforts. So, choose friends carefully.
  • Children who are denied basic necessities often find it difficult obeying instructions given by their parents.
  • Parent’s harsh reactions.
  • Divorce or separation of parents.
  • Bad influences from teachers, lecturers, TV, Internet, newspapers, magazines, and peers. Ensure you give your children close marking in all these. Guide their choices and influence their tastes.
  • Child exploitation – if children are turned into the family’s bread-winners, parental authority is hampered and training suffers.

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